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Excellent Experience!!

Had an excellent experience getting treatment from Dr Anish Nagpal. He has been very considerate and dedicated enough time and care as & when required. He was patient in answering all our questions and was very professional in his approach. I am so very happy that I selected Dr Nagpal to get my surgery done. I would highly recommend him for bariatric surgery.

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Dr. Nagpal has been very supportive ever since I called him from Nairobi he would always answer the calls and advice accordingly.

As soon as I came to see him, he was very professional and my surgery was scheduled at the earliest. Post surgery care was also excellent and in case of anything, he always supported.

Today is my last visit. All stitches removed and recovery perfect.

I wish Dr.Nagpal all best for his future endeavours.

Your treatment is excellent. Your diagnosis was perfect . Your explanation about the disease cured half of the problems.

Recovered well from my surgery..

In short you are the best doctor that I have come across during my life of 72 years!

" if a mother is sick eventually, the whole house becomes sick".

During Ramadan 2016, on 22nd roza in morning while fasting my mother faced a severe pain in her stomach. We thought it was a normal gastric problem or pain due to kidney stone.

We got her checked up to the nearest hospital. After seeing her condition and no improvement till the third day we really got upset and felt helpless. That morning I met dr. Nagpal for first time. After the whole conversation it was more clear that my mum had severe gastric problem and even blockage in intestine. I decided he was the right dr. And moved mum to CIMS hospital where dr. Nagpal visits.

Later Dr. Explained her condition and further procedure In the simplest manner about the laparoscopic surgery. The same evening we got it done.

Unlike other doctors,I felt dr. Nagpal is very positive & motivating . Easily available on my phone whenever any help is required. Most important he has a smiling face which relaxes patient 70%. Besides that It's very humble of him to contribute to charitable trust & spreading knowledge & service there.

I see my mother has quickly recovered in her health. Thank you DR. NAGPAL for your help and guidance throughout the treatment.

Zulekha Bagban
(Daughter of Farida Bagban)

I was diagnosed with Abdominal Tuberculosis by Dr. Nagpal around 8 months ago. I came to see him after consulting atleast five doctors, but none of them could find what was wrong with me as I was losing weight. After that Dr. Nagpal had to perform surgery and had to remove a large part of my intestines. I was given a temporary stoma and recovered well. As my healing powers were very slow due to the extensive disease, it took me almost 8 months to recover completely. At present I fit and fine and planning for my marriage.

Male 36 yrs old

Senior Flight Instructor

International Aviation College, Nigeria, Africa

Post Surgery Weight loss in 8 months: 115 kgs to 66 kgs currently

BMI Lost: 43 to 26

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Dr. Anish Nagpal with Mr. Kartikey Garasia

"I will have great results"

Were you pleased with the treatment?

I had the gastric sleeve surgery done by Dr. Anish Nagpal. He is very professional, gentle and kind. I believe he did an excellent job on my surgery and that I will have great results. I've already lost almost 8 kgs. in 8-9 days! I would recommend Dr. Nagpal to anybody considering this, or any other procedure, because I feel that he strives for perfection and will always do his best for each individual. As a single woman, I didn't have a lot of money, but he gave me an excellent rate/cost. He kept his word on that (no hidden fees) and I believe I got top-notch, quality surgery (just as if I had paid twice or 3x the cost elsewhere). Being self-employed in America and paying for my own healthcare is costly, so I opted to come to India, knowing there are many good Doctors in this country. I did my research and chose Dr. Anish Nagpal because he is confident in his abilities and skills in his field of medicine. I will be thin and fit again and I am so grateful. The Doctor does his part, but we have to do our part too. If you lose your health, you lose everything. Thanks Dr. Nagpal

"Operated for Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass"